About us

Our Focus

Our work is focused on delivering innovative and practical results orientated solutions - aligning the business and financial strategies and getting the results required to create and grow value.

We work very much as an organizational partner assisting our clients to achieve their objectives. EST Group understands the importance of utilizing the Pareto principle – focusing on the 20% of initiatives which will cause 80% of the changes which get you our client to the outcomes required.

We are independent and work with partners and other advisers when and if appropriate. The EST Group focus is to understand both the drivers of business performance as well as macro industry and compliant factors.

Our Approach

With a values-based approach to creating value and a commitment to growth companies, EST Group will work with you and your stakeholders to co-create measurable and sustainable value in an environment of mutual respect, innovation, encouragement, and transparency.

Our assistance is value added, strategic, active, hands-on and practical - designed to make a difference and achieve results that contribute to the success of the emerging enterprises both for the benefit of the business and stakeholders.

Our Team

Our team of executives and strategic partners provide issuers and investors with a unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and understanding, extensive financial experience, investor market knowledge as well as business experience.


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Est Capital


EST Capital AG is in financial intermediary business to provide the interface between the classical finance and the emerging trends like crypto, financial axiom born in the Swiss valley. EST Capital AG Is presenting itself as a tool and medium of change without diluting the ethical concept of money and finance vis-a-vis welfare and profits.

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Bitselly is the most trusted and the safest Peer to Peer online trading platform. Bitselly offers you the most convenient features which help you leverage the best contracts, both concerning selling and buying, across a range of digital cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, that too at a real time.

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oryx cash



The Blockchain VC – The OryxCash VC ecosystem, the decentralized platform deployed on Blockchain will connect promising ventures with the investor. OryxCash will issue tokens that would serve as the market traded digital assets and will simulate a ”secondary-market”, a liquidity innovation on traditional VC Fund Model.

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KYC & AML Integration


Netki leverage established identity standards, and combine advanced technologies with an intuitive user experience to bring you the most comprehensive ID validation available. We deliver the only NIST-compliant solution available, harnessing the power of advanced biometrics and Pixel Perfect analysis to identify and eliminate risk.

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Liquidity providers


Blockfills is the first electronic, off exchange, digital liquidity provider operating using an electronic communication network model (“ECN”). We provide aggressive streaming liquidity aggregation solutions, some of the deepest liquidity in world and cutting edge technologies to deploy this liquidity to end-users anonymously in an impactful way.

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Threely Wallet


ProjectThreely drastically bridges the gap between blockchain & it's adopters by providing an identifier to blockchain wallet address which makes interacting with them extremely convenient & fluent. Threely can be understood as URL Shorteners available on the internet but, for Blockchain Wallet Addresses. Threely shortens long wallet addresses & produces short three-word addresses containing meaningful and memorable words ( for example – tree.planet.water or pay.apple.store ). Shorter & Meaningful addresses are easier to share than long 25-45 letter, complex blockchain addresses.

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Machu Token


MACHU digital token backed by gold REG-D bonds which can be quantified and valued as per the London Metal Exchange rates. MACHU acts as internal arbitrage vis a vis gold bond (Crypto Pricing vis a visGold Pricing) and shall act as the parity mechanism with other tokens because of its gold backing. MACHU is the first and only digital currency to be backed by gold REG-D bonds which can be quantified and valued as per the London Metal Exchange rates

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