A compliant way to raise capital

EST LITE provides a platform to help you raise capital faster, easier, at lower cost. You can issue your digital asset in a private blockchain and ease your access to more capital from a potentially global investor pool.

Provide a superior investor experience with confidence that EST LITE has your critical compliance requirements covered.

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End-to-End Platform

Enabling compliant Digital Securities issuance and liquidity on the blockchain is the underlying vision of EST LITE. To achieve this, we created a technology platform that provides the tools for Issuers to manage all the elements in the full Digital Security lifecycle, including the smart contracts that actually support the token information on the Ethereum blockchain.

EST LITE is designing its smart contract infrastructure by creating a flexible ecosystem that aids the main stakeholders in the Digital Security space: Issuers, Investors and Exchanges.


EST Lite Blockchain is a Fin Tech-grade blockchain built for high-performance financial smart contracts with focus on the financial technologies sector and corporate finance market.

Transfer agent features in EST LITE is to give assistance and interact with the Issuer on EST LITE platform utilizing the technology already in place or being developed for this purpose and to maintain records to be able to track the issuance, transfers and ownership of securities issued.

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Raise funds in a compliant environment where your investors automatically receive the correct allocation of securities.

Pay dividends automatically, create and distribute securities effortlessly, and reduce back-office administrative overhead.