STO dashboard is a customized solution scalable and configurable.

  • Whitelist the Users
    Create a list of loyal users and provide them access to certain functions directly from their account.
  • Locate the Users
    Since the Security Token Offerings have higher requirements for the contributors, especially when it comes to the country of residence, geolocation comes in handy to secure the project from multiple issues. In other words, we can set up the rules of token sale in each country. The geolocation of each customer will be defined when he creates an account, therefore we will only have those contributors we need, depending on the legal aspects of the STO.
  • Segment the Database
    Our dashboard allows to easily segment the users’ list based on the criteria we need. This can be helpful when a number of participants become too high to manage them manually.

  • Set an Automatic Token Withdrawal
    It is common for STOs to set a token lock-up period, especially for the team allocations or advisors. Given that, we provide our users with an option of automatic token withdrawal after the end of a lock-up term. To withdraw tokens, a user has to validate his identity and/or pass the procedure of manual confirmation of the transaction which is done by a company’s official.
  • Accept Direct Wire Payment
    We’ve added an option of paying for the tokens directly from a bank account. The tokens are being reserved for a certain contributor in a moment when he buys them with his fiat money. When the transaction is confirmed, the person receives his tokens.
  • Explore the Advanced STO Analytics
    A user can see the reports on the whole STO or on a certain period. It is also possible to visualize the results when comparing them to the previous period.
  • Apply a KYC Integration
    The Know-Your-Client procedure is a must-have for every STO to avoid dealing with the aftermath of selling tokens to a non-accredited investor, or an investor from a wrong jurisdiction.