Access to compliant issuers

  • commercial real estate
  • investment funds
  • commodities
  • company shares

and many more, allowing you to invest in opportunities previously out of reach.

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Milestone Escrow protection

The benefits of Milestone Escrow is that both Issuer and Investor benefit from using EST LITE as a neutral third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and milestone.

Allows to align interests of startups, founders and shareholders and reduces the risk of inadequate fund usage while smart contract makes transactions safe and easily trackable both for investors and founders.

Reach an expanding global market

Historically, private investments have had very little liquidity, with no significant secondary market. EST LITE’s blockchain solution unlocks liquidity by reducing the frictions and barriers to trade.

Private investments become more liquid, making it easier to connect with potential buyers around the world. Exchanges and other market participants around the globe are providing services to connect buyers and sellers in ways previously not possible.

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